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On top of their Heavy, Tough, and Light, GORUCK offers over 50 special events (check them out). Out of all these events, what is the best event that GORUCK has to offer? What event should be on everyone’s to-do list?

In early 2017 we conducted a “Best of Rucking” survey of our readers and here are their top 3 GORUCK events.

#1 9/11 Memorial Ruck

The GORUCK 9/11 Memorial Ruck was the top vote-getter for best GORUCK event. GORUCK conducts 9/11 commemorative events around the country to honor and remember those we lost: the courageous First Responders and the soldiers who fought in the Global War on Terrorism. Cadre and all willing participants will share their 9/11 story: where were you, how did it change your life? Never Forget. (Editor’s note: My first Heavy was a 9/11 event. It was amazing. Read my GORUCK 9/11 Heavy AAR here.)

Click to see a video and learn more about the 9/11 event.

#2 Mog Mile

Second and third place were close in voting but the Mog Mile events managed to secure the #2 spot. GORUCK describes the Mog Mile event as commemorating the battle in Somalia that inspired Black Hawk Down. This event honors the men of Task Force Ranger – their courage and sacrifice on October 4, 1993. Expect a history lesson and a timeline re-enactment of the mission itself. If you don’t know what the Mog Mile is, you will soon. Click here and see a video about the Mog Mile Event.

Click to learn more about the Mog Mile event.

#3 Joe Warner Memorial Heavy

Falling just a few votes short of Mog Mile, this event is also know as “The King of All Rucks” and lives up to the moniker. This annual event is held at Ft Bragg in honor and remembrance of a fellow GRT, Green Beret Major Joseph Warner.

Click to learn more about the Joe Warner Bragg Heavy.

So, there are the top 3 GORUCK events according to our readers. What do you think? Did they get it right? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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