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Best Post-Ruck Beer

For a website that has “beer” in its name, we talk surprisingly little about beer. But we do enjoy drinking it, especially after a nice long ruck. The question then is, “what is the best beer after rucking?”

We’ll our readers are a beer-loving bunch, we posed this question to our readers in the first annual “Best of Rucking” survey. Below are the top three post-ruck beers.

#1 Bud Heavy

It is the King of Beer and it reigned supreme in our voting. In some ways it may be the official beer of GORUCK because if you ever make it down to HQ, odds are that’s the drink they’ll put in your hand no matter what time of day it is.

#2 Cold

While ruckers apparently prefer Bud Heavy after an event, their second favorite beer is a cold one. Preference be damned, after putting out under weight all that matters is the temperature.

#3 Guinness

That’s right, after rucking long and hard the third beer of choice according to our readers is a big, bold, dark, heavy Guinness. Quite possibly the anthesis of Budweiser.

Honorable Mentions

Sam Adams, Coke, Whisky, Free, and Your Mom all brought in at least a few votes.

What do you think? What beer tastes the best after a long hard ruck? What are you drinking right now? Sound off in the comments below.

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15 Replies to Best Post-Ruck Beer

  1. Guinness truly is the near antithesis of Bud Heavy. Personally I’ll go with a Pale Ale to start then grab an IPA for the second!

      1. Truth! I swear there are some “Pale Ales” these days that would have been considered an IPA 6 years ago. Are you on Untappd by chance?

        1. I am not. But, many years ago it was a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that lead me down the road to IPAs (which my wife says taste like ear wax).

        2. Hey, I am! Just sent you a friend request. Always wondered when we’d hear more about beer here on 🙂

  2. As an active volunteer at two breweries, I can confirm haze gets overwhelming sometimes I just want a Pilsner or lager.. but doubles and triples hit the spot sometimes too

  3. Hazy/New England style IPA, cream ale, or Mexican lager. Too hot for much else in FL usually. Been enjoying a “Pseudo Sue” from Toppling Goliath and “Sunlight” from Sun King on my home tap system after a good ruck.

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