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GORUCK Updates from Jason

Jason McCarthy, GORUCK Founder, took to Facebook this afternoon to answer questions from GRT. If you happened to actually be working and not on the Tough Page, here are some GORUCK updates.

KR-1 – These little guys sold like hotcakes before the start of the school year (my youngest son got one) and have been in demand ever since. Looks like we’ll have more in stock mid-to-late December in SEVEN colors!

Event Sale – Most likey Cyber Monday. No exact discount stated. Regardless, I’m picking up GRT Reunion and DC Star Course 50 Miler. Want to join me for either?

15L Bullet – Mid-to-late December in Black, Ranger, Coyote, Steel, Navy. About 950 units total will be in stock.

Survival Series Events – Jason deferred to Emily. No clear answer.

AR 670-1 compliant boots – Probably not happening any time soon, but who knows.

Rucker bottom handle (which I hate) – Will probably be there for all future versions. Also, we’re going to see the Rucker more front and center as GORUCK focuses on community/rucking/fitness.

FOUR handles on Ruckers?!? – I honestly can’t tell if Jason is joking. But, there was talk of Ruckers (maybe the 25L ones) will have handles on all 4 sides. Again, can’t tell how serious he is on this one. For the record, I will NOT buy a ruck with 4 freakin handles on it. UGH!!! Please don’t let this be a real thing.

Rucking Book – Jason has said several times that he’s working on a rucking book. Today he said there is a “how-to” book in the works for 2019 and more of a real book in ~2020. “Gonna be a helluva read.”

Offroad MACV-1 – Looks like there may eventually be a boot that is more built for the offroad, but may only be at the “talked about it with Paul” at this point.

Pistol Bags – This one came through Twitter (link) but looks like no immediate plans to restock firearms gear.

25L Rucker – Coming out “this year.”

Kids apparel – Way down the road. Like 2021 or later.

Pink GR1 – Nothing on the order sheet. You’ll have to settle for the Pink Rucker  (82 in stock at time of posting).

Bigger MACV-1 sizes – They’ve talked about going up to size 15, but not sure if or when they’ll pull the trigger.

UPDATES 11/20/18

120# and 20# Sandbags – Coming back in “later” 2019.

Savage Race Co-branded Ruck – Let’s do it.

Other MACV-1 Colors – “Seriously though, we and will definitely start playing around with the colors of the boots — the webbing and the Cordura etc.”

GR1 Colors – You’re more likely to see the color variety in Bullets and Ruckers. GR1 will typically stay within the traditional color schemes.

Sand Color Rucks – Probably never coming back. I mean, there’s a chance, but Jason seems to indicate they are long gone.

If you’re on the Tough Page, you can see all the chatter here.

What do you think? Anything in the list excites you? What would you like to see? Sound off in the comments below.

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