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NEW GORUCK Sandbags Coming… Soon?

The GORUCK Sandbag is a tremendous piece of gear and, in my experience, worth every penny. Over the last few months it has hovered on my radar for a number of reasons.

Sandbags For Sale, On Sale, and Sales.

Even before the Christmas in July Sale, it seemed that GOURCK was running discounts on their sandbags.

Christmas in July amplified that effort, dropping prices really low.

Once the XIJ sale was over however, sandbags remained on sale with prices still very low.

Time went by and it seemed as if being on sale was the new normal for the sandbags.

Four months later GORUCK launched a “Warehouse Sale” and, of course, sandbags were included.

Again, the sale ended and the discounts generally remained.

The biggest difference this time is that Sandbags are now labeled “Sandbag 1.0“.

GORUCK Sandbag 1.0?

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the naming convention is that the GORUCK sandbag has already gone through at least one design change.

The “original” sandbags had buckles on them, which were removed from the design around 2015+/-.

So, on a technical level, buckles would be 1.0 and what we currently experience would at least be 1.1 version.

Regardless of that technicality, why would GORUCK start referring to the Sandbags as 1.0?

Is a Major GORUCK Sandbag Change Coming?

Something is up, or so it would seem.

First, we have the change in naming convention with the addition of “1.0”.

Second, we have the long-term bargain pricing, seemingly looking to move inventory.

Finally, inventory does not appearing to get restocked (with many sizes and colors sold out).

Putting this all together, it appears that GORUCK is getting ready to drop a new version of the Sandbag.

What Could GORUCK Change About their Sandbag?

Here’s where I’m stumped. The GORUCK Sandbag is an amazing piece of gear.

In my use, I love just about everything in the design. The handle options are all perfect for any number of uses. The material can handle getting the crap beat out of it. And the size and shapes options are all great.

I love GOURCK Sandbags.

When I look across other product lines (Rucker and Bullet specifically) their most recent “version” upgrades both brought in redesigned features (Rucker) and new material (both integrating 210D HT CORDURA®).

But, what features could you add to the (arguably perfect) sandbag? Is there anywhere that 210d HT would be useful?

Honestly, I have no idea on what they could do to improve the Sandbag.

If you have any ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Should I Wait Until the GORUCK Sandbag 2.0 Drops to Buy One?

Absolutely not. The current price points for the GORUCK Sandbags that are on sale are amazing and worth the price for sure.

If you’re particularly interested in a color scheme that is available, you may also want to pull the trigger because there’s no guarantee that if a 2.0 drops it will be in the color scheme you like.

Finally, even if for some reason there really isn’t a change coming and the “1.0” is just to get fanboy websites to write speculative posts about it, the current supply chain chaos means the low inventory may indicate that restocks are not guaranteed any time soon.

Whatever the case, I don’t feel like you can miss out with buying now. IF a new version of the Sandbag does drop, the 1.0 is still an amazing sandbag and worth the investment.

So, what do you think? Is a new GORUCK Sandbag in the mix? What could the possibly change to make it 2.0? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

2 Replies to NEW GORUCK Sandbags Coming… Soon?

  1. Agreed. Something new seems to be coming—especially with the 1.0 nomenclature. Oddly enough, I would argue we are at a 1.2 at least for some sizes. Buckles being 1.0, 8-handle 40# being 1.1, and 12-handle 40#, being 1.2. Add in country-of-origin changes and you might say we are on 1.3.

    In any case, a 1.0 label certainly begs for a 2.0, which would imply a major change considering the aforementioned adaptations all fall under 1.0.

    That said, I am also in agreement in that I am not sure what could be better. So I am going out on a limb and will offer the following:

    1. Modification to filler bag sizes to match the sandbag. A common complaint is the fold that will often happen with two smaller fillers in a larger sandbag. Personally, I think the instability is a plus for sandbags. However, the GORUCK community tends to view sandbags as heavy objects to carry, lift, or throw rather than unstable training tools. I’ve never heard a cadre say a sandbag was too full or didn’t shift enough—it’s always been “more sand,” in my experience.
    2. Waterproof fillers bags. While GORUCK doesn’t normally go into the waterproof world, this would eliminate the pea gravel vs. sand debate. It also should help with any dust issues (although I have never had any). I’m really reaching here, but trying to cover what could be improved not necessarily “should.”
    3. More colorways. I think a sandbag should be black. Black will hide your blood, sweat, and tears better than any other color. Not everyone agrees and we tend to love options.

    Staying tuned. And I may have to pick up an 80# for that price!

  2. There was a new style of filler bags being used at the Tribe Reunion event. They had a pair of neutral grip handles. One on each end. As far as exterior shell updates, I could see the underside of the handles being changed to 210D if the material is strong enough. Both the black and the Coyote 40lb sandbags don’t have neutral grip handles for some reason but the newer colors do. I’d love to see those added to the black and Coyote 40lb

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