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Packing Video for GORUCK Heavy, Tough, and Light

In the video below I show exactly what (and how) I pack for a GORUCK Heavy, Tough, and Light. I’ve also included my gear list below the video with links in case you want to grab anything you see.

If you have any questions (or suggestions) drop them in the comment section below.

Gear List from the video for my upcoming GORUCK Heavy:

15 Replies to Packing Video for GORUCK Heavy, Tough, and Light

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Great run down. I use a nearly an identical load to you. The only thing I would add to your list is the following:

    Strongly consider bringing a spare mouthpiece for the Source water bladder. I lost mine at the GOREV Phila Tough this weekend (during the opening welcome party!), and let me tell you, that was not a good thing. A spare weighs almost nothing, but could definitely make a huge difference.

    1. I almost always pack one… I have no idea why I didn’t do it this time. I think I just forgot.

      1. Good idea. I had so many hydration bladder problems when I did a Mog Mile T/L. During admin…dropped my ruck and busted by bladder. Luckily, had an extra in my car. Halfway through the night, mouthpiece came off. My buddies have not let me forget all of that…haha.

    2. WORD. Same happened to me at my first event a few years ago. ALWAYS have a spare mouth piece (or 2) if using a bladder. I also have a spare bladder as a backup! #2isOne1isNone

  2. I’m confused; the GR1 page currently says “Ruck Plates (10, 20, 30, or 45 LB) work great in the laptop compartment (recommended). You can also put them in the large internal pocket or cinch them down to the internal MOLLE.” Did they previously advise *against* plates in the laptop compartment?

    1. Jason posted about not doing it in the GORUCK Tough page. The main concern is that it can cause the zipper to break and SCARS doesn’t cover zippers. So, it is an “at your own risk” kind of thing. Though, the website does say to do it… so not sure what that’s about.

        1. I carry my 30 lb weight in the laptop compartment on my GR1 and have been doing so for at least 6 months, almost daily with no issues. YMMV

  3. No Pelican case? Seems like you had that in your first GORUCK list but not after some experience with the events. Is that right? Did you determine it’s just not that necessary?

    1. Correct. I ditched it a while ago. All the pelican case was good for (for me) was to keep my phone optimally safe. I stopped carrying my phone for events and so the case was just bulky dead weight. With all my supplies in ziplock bags inside a drybag, everything is safe and dry. Nothing is “breakable” so doesn’t really need to pelican protection.

  4. Great list! I also stopped carrying my phone after Cadre Flashes Retirement Tough. We were in water the entire time and my phone got wet either way. I also couldn’t focus on the event when I was worried about my phone getting wet.

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