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Pathfinder Ruck Training Discount Code

If you’re training for a GORUCK event, PATHFINDER Ruck training is a really good resource. I used it to train for my first attempt at a GORUCK HTL. It certainly helped me get through that Heavy. Here is my review of the program.

Of course, PATHFINDER does cost a little coin. Thankfully they were nice enough to give our readers 20% off the registration price if you use code: RUCKBEER014. So, if you’re looking to give PATHFINDERS a try for the first time, or the fourteenth time, use the code and get after it.

Of course, if you’d rather not spend any money, you’re always welcome to use our Ruck.Training guides for FREE. We have a GORUCK Heavy training guide, a GORUCK Tough Training Guide, and a GORUCK Light Training Guide, all at no cost.


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