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Rucking Roundup – January 25, 2020

Good grief! What a crazy couple months. Despite a ton of activity in the Rucking community, I haven’t had time or bandwidth to post a Rucking Roundup since November 6th!

So, I apologize, but this will be a long one!

That said, here is the latest Rucking news and updates that we know about. If we missed anything, sound off in the comments.

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Worth Reading – Ruck.Beer

Worth Reading –

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Other Stuff

  • GORUCK is challenging everyone to walk an average of 10,000 steps per day… all year.
  • The above challenge was GORUCK’s January Challenge and Ruck Club Challenge.
  • In this passionate community, GORUCK lives under a microscope. So, it didn’t go unnoticed that GORUCK parted ways with several employees at the start of the new year. I suspect this is just totally normal life of running a small but growing business and I’m not reading too much into it. Wishing well to all those who are on to find new opportunities.
  • The above said, there are still several positions GORUCK is looking to fill if you want a job.

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Did we miss anything this week? Sound off in the comments below.

Cover photo by Dan Sell.

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