Rucking Roundup – February 5, 2020

More than a few things going on, so I thought I’d throw together a roundup for ya!

Worth Reading – Ruck.Beer

Random GORUCK News

  • You may have noticed that there aren’t any Monthly Ruck Club Call Outs or Monthly Ruck Challenges from HQ this month. Jason has said that they are working to refine the process to make it all more simple and scalable. No ETA on when we’ll see either pop back up, but we may get some info in the near future.
  • Jason posted in a comment thread that a new “Events Website” may be launching as soon as March.
  • In the same comment thread as mentioned above the GORUCK app (mentioend in State of GORUCK) is “on hold.”

Gear News

Worth Reading –

The Wayback Machine

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Cover photo by Dan Sell.

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