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Testing the New GORUCK Team Assessment PT Standards

GORUCK Team Assessment 002 is coming up in June and GORUCK has released the new PT Test standards.

Below I will outline the standards, show you my initial test video, and provide some thoughts on the movements.

Previous Standards

Previous PT standards were 2 min max pushup (55 minimum) and 2 min max situp (65 minimum). There was also a timed run and a timed ruck. My point here is to not deal a lot with the previous standards but to look at the new standards.

I will, however, say that I was never able to consistently meet the old standards. I was typically a few short in both areas, even when I trained them regularly. I blame my 6′ 2″ monkey arms. (blah, blah, excuses).

New Standards

The new standards look like this:

Open Division (All Male, All Female or Mixed Team) all weights are the same regardless of gender.

Female Division

Teammates can make up any deficiency of their partner’s rep count by exceeding their required number. So, as a team, you basically have to double the reps above between the two of you. Also, NO RETESTS. One shot is all you got.

My Initial Test

Movement 1: The Hand Release Pushup

As stated above, I have long arms. No excuses, just reality. It makes pushups longer.

Here is my very first test at the new pushup standards:

So, if you think all those were good reps, I got 40. If you don’t think they were good, sound off in the comments.

My take is this is WAY easier than the 55 in 2 minutes. The very brief “rest” on the ground seemed to be just enough to ensure my arms could last.

I did notice that in the later reps I start ” rock” and you can see my feet come off the ground a few times. Not sure that would get no-repped, but if I were doing Team Assessment, I’d work on nailing that down.

Also, as you begin to tire, there is a propensity to lead with the chest rising before the hips. This “could” get you no-repped. Work on keeping as close to plank through the whole movement.

For me, I felt really good about this movement.

Movement 2: Butterfly Situp

I feel pretty comfortable with butterfly situps, as that’s what we do in CrossFit.

Here’s my first attempt at the new Butterfly Situp standard:

Towards the last few reps my calf cramped. Not sure if cadre would no-rep me on those. If not, I got 42. Above the standard, but barely.

To be honest, not sure how many more I could add to this number. I feel like I moved fast and stayed pretty consistent.

As for tips, be sure you test on lots of different surfaces. As you see at the very start, I shift ever so slightly to get a better position for my booty. Training and testing in a gym is ok, but won’t prepare you for the reality of doing it on unknown grassy terrain during Team Assement. Also, you’ll move and shift a lot. Get used to it.

Movement 3: Sandbag Squat Clean (80#)

Oh… this is fun. And NOT easy.

Also, my ruck was 85#. I didn’t feel like dealing with trying to drop it 5#.

Here’s my first attempt at the new Sandbag Squat Clean standard:

This hurt. I hit 17 and I think all the reps were good.

I think with some consistent training, I could get this close to 20. As you see in the video, once I hit 15 I check the clock and switch to the bag drop technique.

As for tips, the first is getting used to doing cleans. If you don’t have a background in Olympic lifting, it might take some time to dial it in. But, the goal is to drive up, extending your hips, and then drop as fast as you can under the bag. Then, stand.

I found that “dropping” down into the start position added some speed to the reps (as opposed to dropping the bag to the hips and then to the ground, like I would do with a barbell).

I don’t recommend dropping the bag until you get really spent. Resetting your hands will just take too much time.


I really like the new standards. It could be that I like them because I was able to meet the standard on my first try.

I also like that your teammate can make up for your deficiencies. It takes off a little pressure.

But, as always, you should train to exceed the standard. Also, performing under the stress of the actual event… when it is all on the line… that’s hard to replicate.

So, who’s ready for Team Assessment?

So, what do you think? Were my reps all good? Any questions, thoughts, or tips? Sound off in the comments below.

3 Replies to Testing the New GORUCK Team Assessment PT Standards

  1. Nice depth on the Squat Cleans. From the GR page, it doesn’t look like you need to go full depth, only break 90.
    The Butterfly Situps might be problematic. The guidance on the GR page shows Mocha flat on his back and arms flat. I’m not sure if just touching with fingertips would be a rep. Better get clarification.
    Hand Release Pushups are fun when you only have to lift your hands, not stretch em out to the sides. We used to do the spread eagle thing back in high school football back in the dark ages. Much more fun if you find a nice deep mud puddle .

    1. “…lie back on the ground extending your arms overhead and touch the ground behind your head”

      If it is “arms flat” then almost everyone is screwed. I don’t even have the mobility to do that regardless of doing a situp.

  2. Good job dude. I would watch your butterfly situps, your bum and hips are coming off the ground, likely due to not having an Abmat under it since you do Crossfit a lot. It is usually a no rep in any competition i have been to. They really stressed the “rolling back down” not just throwing your arms back. Not sure if it matters, but just something I noticed. I do that a lot when i am pushing reps for speed. Had a coach call me on it and now i work at it. Just food for thought

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