Socks for Rucking – Which are “The Best”?

A lot of people end up on this website because they are searching for “The Best Socks for Rucking.” They usually end up on this 2017 post where I surveyed our readers and posted the top results.

After rucking hundreds of miles and completing numerous GORUCK events, I decided I’d share my personal thoughts on what I think are the best socks for rucking.

Best Socks for Rucking Video

Here’s a video I put together to express my thoughts on what socks are best for rucking.

Socks for Friction and Moisture Reduction

The purpose of your socks is to prevent blisters, specifically by moving moisture away from your skin and reducing friction between your foot and the shoe.

Therefore, the more your socks can perform these two tasks, the better they are for rucking.

Best Rucking Socks For “Me”

Here’s the deal. Socks that work for me might not work for you. I’ve tried all kinds of different socks, styles, and brands. For me, they all worked fine. No blisters and, while different, all comfortable.

That said, here are a couple socks that have stood out to me over the years.

The Two-Sock System for Rucking

I’ve used the two-sock approach for a lot of GORUCK events, including the 50-Mile GORUCK Star Course.

For this setup, I use the Injinji Toe Socks as my base layer. The toe socks are great because they protect each individual toe. The theory is that instead of rubbing against each other the cloth around each toe creates a barrier to reduce friction.

For the second layer, I often use a thin Darn Tough sock. Again, the idea here is that I am adding a layer of “protection” from that evil enemy of friction.

For me, this has always worked well. No blisters. No issues.

Single Sock System for Rucking

Unless I’m going out for a GORUCK event or a 20+ mile ruck, I typically wear just one pair of socks. They are usually either the Injinji toe socks or a pair of Darn Tough socks. I do this because the two sock system just feels like overkill and, for me, I simply don’t need them.

For me, this has always worked well. No blisters. No issues.

Mudgear Rucking Socks

The good people over at Mudgear sent me a pair of their Rucking Socks to test out, for which I’m thankful.

Since receiving them, they’ve found pretty regular rotation in my sock choice and I’ve been happy with the results.

The socks are far more “snug” than my other socks, but this is actually a really good thing. Once these socks are set, they do not move. That equals reduced friction.

In fact, I wore them the other day in a torrential downpour as I was doing a 1-mile ruck at 160 pounds (part of a Monthly Rucking Challenge ruck). After the ruck, as I was taking off my shoes, I noticed that the socks had not moved an inch. No bunching, shifting, or anything–which is saying something under the conditions.

They’re a great socks (check them out here) and have worked really well for me. No blister. No issues.

What Socks do You Love for Rucking?

I shared my top socks. What about you? Sound off in the comments below with your favorite socks setup. Let everyone know what you like and why.

For all those looking for the best rucking socks… hopefully this helps.

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