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Best Socks for GORUCK and Rucking

Figuring out what shoes are best for GORUCK is important. Just as important is finding the right socks. In early 2017 with our first annual “Best of Rucking” survey and asked our readers to weigh in on their favorite socks. Below are the survey results.

#1 Darn Tough

Number 1 and 2 were close, but Darn Tough won the day. Made in the USA, these wool socks are a great choice for rucking. What could be the best part of Darn Tough socks is their lifetime guarantee. If your socks wear out, just send them in and they’ll hook you up with a free pair. Sounds a lot like another company that has a pretty awesome lifetime guarantee.

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#2 Injinji

Yup, toe socks. It is not ironic that Injinji Toe Socks came in a close second to Darn Tough. The main reason is that most people are using the Injinji’s as a base layer under another pair of socks. That’s right, double layer socks. Why two pairs of socks? The answer is blisters. Having the Injinji as a base layer reduces the amount of rubbing that occurs on your skin and thus reduces the potential for blisters. That’s also the reason for “toe” socks. As your toes rub together during your rucking, the fabric takes the friction and reduces the potential for blisters. (Editor’s note: I made the switch to wearing Injinji socks under Darn Tough socks and I love it.)

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#3 Smartwool

While not as popular as Darn Tough or Injinji, Smartwool managed to garner enough votes to make our list. At the end of the day, these are just a solid wool sock that will take care of your tootsies.

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Honorable Mention

Anything that isn’t cotton. Don’t wear cotton.

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AD - Save $30 on Whoop 3.0 and get the data you need to improve your rucking!

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