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Testing GORUCK’s New Distribution Center

GORUCK recently moved their distribution operation from Seattle to Kentucky. The move was a business decision that should free GORUCK up to focus on gear and events. You can read all about it on their blog.

Part of the move was to place distribution in a more central location and thus improve shipping times and service (especially to us on the Right Coast). Jason, at the end of his blog post, encouraged us to give it a try. So, I did.

For some insane reason, GORUCK didn’t give me a free t-shirt at the end of my last race. So, I decided dropped the coin for a sweet GORUCK Heavy shirt to celebrate my recent 9/11 DC Heavy.

Below I have documented the transaction times for my shirt order, which went through Newgistics. Along with that order, I have posted a previous order that went through GORUCK.

Order: GORUCK Heavy T-Shirt
Order Confirmation: Monday, September 19, 4:19 PM
Shipment Notification: Tuesday, September 20, 3:52 PM
Shipment Departure: Wednesday, September 21, 2:10 AM
Package Arrival: Tuesday, September 27, 2:00 +/- PM

Order: Sturnum Strap, Tac Hat, Bladder Hose Retainer
Order Confirmation: Friday, June 3, 10:45 AM
Shipment Notification: Monday, June 6, 4:39 PM
Shipment Departure: Monday, June 6, 11:22 PM
Package Arrival: Wednesday, June 8, 2:43 PM


My order that was shipped from GORUCK was made on a Friday, so I understand it taking till Monday to ship. But, it was shipped immediately on Monday and made it across the country and to my door in 2 days.

The order shipping through Newgistics didn’t ship until 2 weekdays from the order. Then took another 6 to go from KY to VA.

I paid $5 for shipping. Priority mail via USPS with 2 day shipping is $6.80.


Holy cow! It took 8 days to get a t-shirt. EIGHT DAYS!

This is a one-off test, so I don’t know if one can draw any significant conclusions. But, a side-by-side comparison shows Newgistics really blowing it on my first experience with them.

In a day and age where free 2 day shipping is becoming the norm, paying $5 to wait over a week to get a t-shirt is a hard pill to swallow.

Obviously is the only place to get GORUCK gear, so Jason and the crew don’t have to worry about me going to another store to buy the product. However, from a user experience, it does not motivate me to go shopping on knowing that whatever I order is going to take over a week to get to me. In fact, it probably discourages me from making impulse buys because I know that the satisfaction of the purchase won’t be realized for a week.

The move to Newgistics was supposed to decrease shipping times to those of us not located near Washington. That does not seem to be the case. In fact, quite the opposite.

But, Jason and the GORUCK crew are awesome. They listen to their customers and they seek to do right by people. So, I’m sure they will continually assess this new relationship and HOPEFULLY we’ll see some improvements.

I guess I’ll get a chance to see this coming holiday season when I anticipate placing my next order.

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  1. I can’t tell when this was posted, but as of May 2020 I am not thrilled with some of my recent GoRuck orders. I ordered a Ruck and a plate. I got notification it was shipped USPS. Two days later, FedEx shows up with just the Ruck. What?! Did FedEx also have my Ruck? If not, why didn’t I have a tracking number for the plate? Three days later, USPS delivered the Ruck.

    On Monday morning, a buddy and I planned to do a Donut Ruck for the upcoming Friday so I ordered two patches, decided to add a bladder hose retainer while I was at it, and paid for two day shipping to make sure it was here by Friday. On Wednesday, I got the FedEx package but only the retainer was inside. Finally got a hold of GoRuck and they tell me the patches ship separately and will take 5-7 days. Nothing on the website indicates that at all. Real bummer.

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