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GORUCK Bullet 15L Review

Here’s the short version: The GORUCK Bullet 15L (2021 version) has become one of my favorite rucks for rucking and my every day carry. Priced at $135 (at the time of posting), this is a great buy.

GORUCK Bullet 15L Review Video

GORUCK Bullet 15L for Every Day Carry

My previous EDC was the Recycled Firefighter 12L. I love that ruck and highly recommend it for anyone needing a small every day carry.

However, I found myself running out of space in the 12L and switched over the the 15L Bullet. It has been the perfect size for the stuff I tote around every day.

What I Love About the GORUCK Bullet 15L

First, the size if perfect for all the stuff I need every day. My laptop, headphones, books, Mini Wire Dopp (review), and other miscellaneous stuff.

Second, the addition of the 210D Cordura is amazing. I loved this material on the Rucker 3.0 (review) and have the same feelings with it on the Bullet Ruck. The no friction, no pill, glide on the back and shoulders is such a huge win. That upgrade alone is worth getting the ruck.

Third, the $135 price point is awesome. For me, that made it a no-brainer purchase. Had the price been $165+ I would have hesitated. But, every time I wear the ruck I think, “Man, only $135… this was such a good deal.”

Finally, I’m a sucker for the Coyote colorway. In this version of Coyote, the molle is more brown than the traditional greenish that comes on Coyote rucks, but I actually like the brownish better. It is just a darn sexy ruck.

What I Don’t Love About the GORUCK Bullet 15L

I’d say this critique, for me, is common for me across all GORUCK bags. The front pocket is almost entirely useless when the ruck is full.

I tried to toss a couple cliff bars in it the other day when it was already pretty full and I couldn’t get them in.

Alas, that’s the same for all GORUCK rucks. I will say, however, that the front pocket on the Recycled Firefighter 12L is by far one of my favorite front pockets. I could write an entire post about how amazing the front pocket on it is.

The GORUCK Bullet 15L for Rucking

I use the GORUCK Bullet 15L as an EDC. I think that is where it shines the best.

That said, it could be used as a rucking ruck under the right circumstances. You could, for instance, toss a couple sandbag pills in there, or maybe even a 20# plate, and it should be fine.

What makes it less than idea for rucking is the lack of a framesheet and no way to secure your weight in the ruck.

But, if you’re just looking to get a few mile, maybe a GORUCK Star Course, then it should be good enough for that.

The GORUCK Bullet 15L Conclusions

As I said, I love this ruck. The price point it perfect and the ruck is everything I need and looks really freakin nice. I highly recommend it. Check it out on now.

Got questions? Post them in the comments below.

6 Replies to GORUCK Bullet 15L Review

  1. Hello – strongly considering this for everyday carry. Do you know if the 10L is discontinued ?
    I was considering a 21L GR1 and then I realized I’m probably better with a bullet ruck at a 26L GR1. Any thoughts on combining what’s in the lineup to get a good variety?

    Thank you!

    1. Feel like last I heard the 10L wasn’t coming back for a while. Personally, I love Rucker 3.0 for rucking and workouts. I love the Bullet for EDC. GR2 is my favorite travel bag. GR1 is perfect for everything else.

  2. Thank you I found this as I am trying to decide if I could make the bullet work for an EDC with my iPad and my MacBook pro. This was helpful and I love the fact that you have providence by John Piper as one of your books nice touch. I haven’t read it yet but need to.

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