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The new 25L GORUCK Rucker

Since November Jason has been hinting that the 25L Rucker was just around the corner. He even hinted that it might be released before 2019. But, the new year came and went without the mythical 25L being released.

UPDATE: The 25L (and 15L) Rucker has officially been released

However, GORUCK recently posted 100+ pictures of an HQ workout (which I snapped screenshots of for this post) on their Facebook page that they were clearly not hiding the new 25L Rucker.

Just as Jason had said online, it does indeed have 4 handles on it.

Based on the pictures, it looks like the initial colors to be released will be Black, Coyote, and Steel. Though, they could have more in the queue that weren’t in these photos. (In the comments, sound off on what colors do you hope they’ll have?)

Additionally, we can see that they have hip belts in Black and Coyote, though I didn’t see any pics of a steel one.

No release date has been given at this time… but you gotta think it will be soon since they are obviously putting it out there to stir up the conversation. I guess we’ll just have to keep refreshing the Rucker page until they appear.

Update: If you use the filter feature on the GORUCK site, you can actually narrow your rucks based on size. 25L is an option and when checked shows you the Rucker and has the Black, Steal, and Coyote colors listed (this link runs the search for you). When you click, it is just the Black 20L. We gotta be close.

So… what do you think? Yay or Nay? Sound off in the comments below.


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