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5 Books Recommended by People Cooler than Me

If you’re looking for a book to read over the holidays, or something to add to your 2018 reading list, five super cool people offer their recommendations. I asked them to provide me with a title and 1-3 sentences on why GRT should read it. So, here ya go.

Jason McCarthy – Founder & CEO of GORUCK

The one I’m writing on rucking. How does that sound? 🙂

(Wait, what!?!? Guess we all have something to look forward to. Is there something they should read until your book comes out?) 

Wright Brothers. It’s about conquering the almost impossible and doing it the right way.

Blayne Smith – President of GORUCK

The Alchemist – If you haven’t read this book, you should.  If you have, you should read it again.  Here’s why: The Alchemist reinforces two of the most important factors in living life to the fullest.  First, If you have the courage to pursue your true passion, the world will conspire to help you.  Second, the journey is the real prize and every step along the way plays an important role.  The story is interesting and fun to read, and depending on where you are on your personal journey, you might receive its message a little differently.

Christian Griffith – #11 The Selection, Run2Heal, Living for a Living

Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life A Navy Seal (Eric Greitens) engages one of his fellow Seals who is suffering from PTSD, alcoholism, and low self-esteem since returning to the states after overseas service. It’s no-nonsense, put-in-the-work, logic on how to power through life. The book will make you think. I’ve read it three times and learn something new every single time.

Brian Lohr – All Day Ruckoff

Eric Greitens’ book The Heart and the First details his life and entry into the Navy Seals. He has an incredible education and could have easily ended up in the corporate world but followed his heart and beliefs when choosing his direction. It’s a great read and one that can make you think differently about the decisions you make in your life.

Christopher Goad (aka Bomber) – Community Manager at GORUCK

In true Bomber fashion, I asked him for one book and he gave me two. He’s such a giver.

Guadal Canal Diaries by Richard Tregaskis. Hearing a firsthand account of Marines in WW2 takes you right to the Island Hopping Campaign. A must-read for any Marine and anyone who wants to know what the Pacific Theater was like. (Goad has a first edition copy that he’ll let you see if you ask real nice) The second book is fiction by Ernest Cline. Ready Player One. This book takes me back to my days as a teenager in the 80’s. I am stoked to see the movie next year. If you’re a nerd, this book is for you.

(Better late than never, Cadre Garrett sent me his recommendation after the post went live.)

Garrett Noonan – GORUCK Cadre

The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. No sentences necessary. It says it all in the title.

So, what about all of you? What book would you recommend GRT to pick up and read? Leave your book and 1-3 sentence explanation in the comment section below.

11 Replies to 5 Books Recommended by People Cooler than Me

  1. I don’t have any books ready to recommend off hand, but if you had a post for films, I’d definitely have a flick or two to recommend. 🙂

  2. I would highly recommend Tribes: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger. The book looks at the transition of man from tribal living to civilized society and how it relates to PTSD in veterans, mental illness, mass shooters, and divisive politics. For me it helped explain a lot of the social and political issues of the day.

    1. I just started that audio book this weekend on a hiking ruck. Plan to more read this weekend for my Memorial Day 12 miler.

  3. The Long Walk by Steven King.
    You’ll never walk less than 4 mph after reading that. Not the usual horror book that King is known for but more of psychological trip.

  4. Adding a few:

    The Pilgrimage – Paulo Coehlo (a man learns the value of what is important versus what he thinks is important)

    Parzival – Wolfram Von Eschenbach

    Freed to Lead – David Redding (not to drop F3, but it’s a great damn book)

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