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GORUCK Christmas in July Sale (XiJ) 2019

The GORUCK Christmas in July sale 2019 is live and here’s what we have in store at the moment.

MACV-1s and Rucks

This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the MACV-1 Rucking Boots and a great deal if you’ve managed to wait this long. As for Rucks, there are a number of GR1 colors and sizes for sale at $275 and the 20L Ruckers are down to $175. Sadly missing from the sale is the 25L Rucker and the GR2.


Some nice training, travel, and rucking bundles.

Kit Bag & Field Pockets

Nice price on the kit bag at $129 and some field pockets if you’re in the market for those.


Some good deals on apparel. I think I might pick up that windbreaker at $105 and shorts and pants are looking well priced too.


If you need a GORUCK flag, $25 is a good deal.


There are some good deals out there. I would have liked to have seen 25L Ruckers and the GR2 on sale, but I think I’ll pick up the windbreaker I’ve been eyeing for a while. Also, I’m back and forth on the Java GR1. If it was 26L I would have already bought it. So, we’ll see.

What about you? Thoughts on the sale? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I have been waiting to purchase a new pair of MACV1S after I had lost a bunch of weight and needed to go down in size. I bought mine as soon as I saw the sale went live. I wish the Coyote colors would have gone on sale as I would have gotten a pair of those as well.

    1. I bought the GR1 26L Navy Ed. when it was on pre-order but I could of saved $40 if I would of waited.

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