GORUCK has released an update to its Earned Service Discount Program.

Starting Monday, February 17, the ESD will be 15% off gear, 25% off events, and the discount will NOT stack.

That said, the 25% discount WILL STACK from now through that date. So, if you qualify for ESD, today is the day to cash in. There are lots of great deals on closeout that with 25% stack would be mighty nice to grab.

Also, check out the Sandbag Bundles. Those deals aren’t on the closeout page but are REALLY great. Especially with the 25% off!

7 Replies to GORUCK ESD Changes

  1. Why are you mad, It’s a business not a charity or hobby. In order to grow, develop more products, create more jobs and pay employees top dollar they’ll be required to obtain capital which in turn requires strong P&L statements. I’ve taken advantage of the discounts for years and I consider myself lucky.

  2. I read the email from GORUCK and decided I guess I could buy a few things before the discount changed. I always figured it would not last forever and/or they would stop letting people stack discounts. Ordered at 4:15 and it shipped at 6:50! I was also lucky.

  3. At some point, a company has to stop giving a permanent 25% off to everything. Folks are crying doom, but all that’s happened is a 10% discount change to gear. The 25% still applies where it matters most, on the events.

  4. I just don’t see much of a value proposition for me anymore.

    Sure, they’re not running a charity, but neither am I. My reward for spending my hard-earned dollars at GORUCK are increasing prices, more reliance on offshore production, a reduction of my Earned Service Discount (both in amount and when it can be applied), and inventory that never seems to match my needs when I want to place an order. I’m struggling to see how any of their “improvements” have benefited me, the customer.

    Personally, GORUCK events aren’t very appealing. I’m not going to travel to participate in one and I ruck because it’s something I can go do by myself — if I wanted to exercise with a bunch of random people, I’d just go to the gym (I know that’s an over-simplification and unfair characterization of the events that so many others clearly love). But I do think the events are the only big differentiator the brand has left.

    I like the company and their products. I won’t be getting rid of the GORUCK gear I already own. I have no regrets about supporting them in the past. But if I were to be polled today, I wouldn’t score favorably on a Customer Loyalty Index survey — I am unlikely to buy again or recommend their products to others. Which is a shame, because I was once an evangelist for the brand and would preach their message to anyone willing to listen.

    At the end of the day, time marches on. Things change. Nobody cares about my opinion and my patronage won’t be missed. C’est la vie…

  5. There is something recently about GoRuck that is changing. I can’t quite place it, but it’s different. There is almost always an issue with things being in stock. I personally think its inexcusable to be out of the Cross Trainers until mid summer. When they do come back in stock, put in bold letters that they run big. Customer service isn’t as fast as it used to be and the ESD change is garbage. I understand it is a business however how many people are really using that code for events any way. I will continue to use my gear, but am definitely going to research other options gear.

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