GORUCK Training

HTL Training – Week 13

This is what I did during week 13 of my training for the 9/11 GORUCK HTL in Washington DC.

Wednesday, August 31
Rest Day


Thursday, September 1
Ruck to and From Gym (3.7 miles)

A) Deadlift – 315
B) Push Press – 125
5 reps A in 60 seconds, then 5 reps B in 60 seconds.
5 rounds total (A+B)

BTN Push Press + BTN Power Jerk + Overhead Squat
1 + 1 + 1 rep
EMOTM for 12 min
*Build across all rounds


Notes: And here is where things went wrong. The BTN work totally tweaked my neck. Didn’t feel right…

Friday,September 2
NSW Class @ Full Circle

A) Back Squat – 190
B) Bench Press – 135
5 reps A in 120 seconds, then 5 reps B in 120 seconds.
5 rounds total (A+B)

Durability & Work Capacity
10 Sandbag Getups
10m Bear Crawls
30 Min AMRAP
Result – 10 rounds + 6 reps

Notes: Felt ok. Good Grind. But… I think I pushed my neck over the edge.

Saturday,September 3

Rest Day

Notes: Neck is NOT ok. Skipped normal Saturday class.

Sunday, August 28

Start of Deload Week

Notes: Neck STILL not ok. Getting worried.

Monday,September 4

Deload Day 2

Notes: Neck still not right. Didn’t do anything.

Tuesday,September 5

Deload Day 3

Notes: Deload days not going as planned due to neck injury. In desperation, got appointment with Airrosti. They saw me. Their treatment was epic painful (likely writing a review later) but I think it is helping.

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