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Marathon Training | Weeks 1-4

Below is the training program I have in place to prepare me for my first marathon. Yep… it is like a 4-week training plan. I’ll explain that later in a post. Till then, here’s the plan.


Training Notes:

M Oct 3: NSW – Back Squat ME: 255lb — 5-10-5 (2L,2R) Best TIME 4.93 sec; Run 200m, Burpee 10,9,8…, Toes 2 Bar 10,9,8… TIME 17:08

T Oct 4: Ran 6. 51:02 (8:28) Running is boring. Did some PT after. It was ok.

W Oct 5: Did nothing.

R Oct 6: Ran 7. 57:20 (8:11) No PT after. Hamstrings really tight.

F Oct 7: NSW – Bench ME; 185lb — 50 Sandbag Step ups (20″), 50 cal row, 50 Sandbag Over The Shoulder, 50 Burpees TIME 12:53 ; (Run 800m, 50 4-count flutter kicks)x2 TIME 11:56

S Oct 8: In Philly for weekend. Off day.

S Oct 9: Rested.

M Oct 10: NSW – Strict Press ME: 120lb — Run 800m, 40 wall ball, 20 DH pull up, Row 1K, 40 wall ball, 20 DH Pull up, (16 sandbag thruster, run 100m)x3 TIME 27:05

T Oct 11: Ran 8.37. 1:11:39 (8:33) First 2 boring. Pretty numb after that. Left ball of foot sore @ 5mi.

W Oct 12: Rest day

R Oct 13: I skipped my run today. Just didn’t feel like it.

F Oct 14: NSW – Bench 115, Weighted (strict) pull ups +10#, 10,8,6,4,2; Run 800m x 4 (each loop must be faster than last loop or 30 burpee penalty) 4:15, 3:45, 3:21, 3:15; Diamond Push ups, Hollow rock, barbell curls, 4 rounds each, 45sec work, 15 sec rest.

S Oct 15: The scheduled Class was canceled when my partner pulled his back 30 seconds in and I had to take him home.

S Oct 16: Rest Day

M Oct 17: All training has been put to the side to attend my grandfather’s funeral.

T Oct 18: Funeral

W Oct 19: Funeral

R Oct 20: Funeral

F Oct 21: Funeral

S Oct 22: Coach 4 soccer games (alllllll day)

S Oct 23: Rest Day

M Oct 24: Very light day at the gym.

T Oct 25: Was I supposed to run today? Oh well…

W Oct 26: Nothing…

R Oct 27: Nope, nothing.

F Oct 28: Dive to DC and back.

S Oct 30: Ruck WOD (cause doing this the day before the event is smart). 1 Mile heavy ruck and 50 Man Makers.

S Oct 22: Marathon. 4:36:00. Didn’t die, but it hurt a little bit.

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