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The New GORUCK Heavy PT Test Standards

Since 2015, the GORUCK Heavy has had a standard PT test as part of every event. It has consisted of a 12-mile timed ruck (sub 3:30), 2-minute max rep push-ups (55 minimum), and 2-minute max rep sit-ups (65 minimum).

While the test was not a “fail and go home” type test, it was used as a tool for the cadre to assess the members of the Heavy team.

That said, you did NOT want to fail any portion of the PT test.

Personally, the PT test was the highest point of anxiety for me when I did my Heavies. During the DC 9/11 Heavy, I failed the push-ups and it really got in my head (and body).

Well, times-they-are-a-changing.

Brian over at the All Day Ruckoff podcast (iTunes/Android) recently interviewed Cadre Dan and it was revealed that the PT test for the GORUCK Heavy is changing. The new PT test will be the Robbie Miller Memorial WOD (click here to learn more about Robbie Miller).

The WOD has two versions and it is up to the Cadre which one he decides to use at your GORUCK Heavy.

Robbie Miller WOD (Full)

3 Mile Ruck
12 Rounds
6 x Ring Pull-Ups
6 x Burpee Squats
6 x 4 Ct Mountain Climbers
6 x Rucksack Getups
3 Mile Ruck

The Robbie Miller WOD (Half)

12 Rounds
6 x 33 Foot Shuttle Run (One Way, 3 Round Trips Total)
6 x Burpee Squats
6 x 4 Ct Mountain Climbers
6 x Rucksack Getups

My Thoughts

First, I’m like a million times more comfortable doing a WOD than I am doing a “test” like the max push-up and sit-up. While this workout is no joke (Dan says it takes 2-3 hours to do the Full), the personal stress level is way down for me.

Second, “Ruck on or Ruck off?” is the question on everyone’s mind. From the little I’ve seen, it looks like it will be cadre’s choice. Watching video of the recent Joe Warner Brag Heavy, they were doing the whole thing with ruck on.

Third, pull-ups with “ruck on” are not going to be attainable for most people. I went to my shed to test them out this afternoon and get 3 unbroken, legit, strict pull-ups. I might make it a few rounds doing singles, but it will go downhill fast with a ruck on.

Fourth, pull-ups with “ruck off” are not going to be attainable for A LOT of people. I was encouraged by Cadre Dan’s comments on Brian’s podcast. He basically said this is not a “fail and go home test.” It is a workout and it is part of the ultimate team event. If a teammate is struggling, you can (and should) help them. So, it seems that partner-assisted pull-ups are acceptable (though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cadre gives you some crap about it, trying to get in your head).

Fifth, more thoughts on pull-ups. Dan was clear that just because you suck at (or can’t do) a pull-up should not exclude you from doing a GORUCK Heavy.

Sixth, this WOD must really suck! I say that because my first thought was, “oh, it won’t be that bad.” And, then I heard Cadre Dan say it takes 2-3 hours. Holy crap!

Your Thoughts?

So, what do you think of the new PT Test? Sound off in the comments below.

Oh… and go sign up for a GORUCK Heavy and let us know how the WOD goes 😉

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